Preschool Math Stick Kids Workbook (Stick Kids Workbooks) by Majella Maas

Preschool Math Stick Kids Workbook (Stick Kids Workbooks)

Book Title: Preschool Math Stick Kids Workbook (Stick Kids Workbooks)

Publisher: Creative Teaching Press

ISBN: 1616017643

Author: Majella Maas

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Majella Maas with Preschool Math Stick Kids Workbook (Stick Kids Workbooks)

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Every day your child is acquiring the skills needed for entry into the world beyond family and home. This book provides practice in number and shape recognition, number writing, number value, number conservation, classifi cation, sets, and patterns. The activities in this book may seem simplistic, but their mastery is essential. Repetition is key, but remember to have fun! Research has shown that the brain is more receptive to learning and acquiring skills when not under stress.

Upon your childs completion of each activity, use the provided incentive chart and stickers to track progress and celebrate your childs success.

Whether students need extra practice with grade-level skills or a head start on next year, Stick Kids® Workbooks offer engaging activities, games, and puzzles that help make learning lots of fun. Each 56-page book features full-color activities, a list of the skills, and an explanation of why those skills are important for development. Also included are helpful tips, an answer key, a handy tracking sheet, stickers for acknowledging achievements, and appearances by the lovable Stick Kids!

These right-sized (7 x 9) skill practice workbooks are perfect for use at school, or as entertaining activities on the go. Tuck them into a backpack, purse, or travel bag. Great for school breaks, vacations, and year-long practice.


  • Number recognition
  • Number conservation
  • Shape recognition
  • Classification
  • Writing numbers
  • Patterns
  • Number value


  • Prompt your childs counting when the two of you count things you see or the steps you take.
  • Count objects one by one, and then state the number that tells how many altogether to help your childs comprehension of number value.
  • Move or separate objects and show your child that the total number stays the same. This concept is called the conservation of number.
  • Look for and name natural patterns to support your childs understanding of patterning.
  • Use reallife opportunities to practice matching, measuring, and classifying objects.